Past Masters Row

By the term Past Masters, it must be understood to allude to those who have been legally elected Masters of chartered Lodges, served their term of office, and are recognized as ACTUAL Past Masters. Their privileges are such as may be expressly given by the Constitution of the Staff of The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland and Its Jurisdictions, Inc., and, in addition, they are qualified to install any Master elect, when requested to do so, and to be present at the qualification of a Master elected to the chair.

A Past Master is always eligible to re-election, without further service, to any office in the Lodge in which he is a member. He is eligible as a proxy or representative of the Grand Master to perform any duty when that officer cannot attend. As a courtesy, a Past Master is entitled to a seat in the East on the right of the acting Master.

This rule, however, is local, limited to a portion of the State jurisdictions. Every Master Mason in good standing is the peer of a Past Master in matters of discipline, etc.

PM George T. Brooks

R.W. Herbert E. Turner

PM Henry L. Clark, Jr.

R.W. Johnie Lewis

R.W. Robert Straughter

R.W. C.A. Turner

R.W. Michael Allen

R.W. Kenneth Washington

PM James Reeves

R.W. Daniel Matthews

PM Andre Prewitt

PM Gerry Brown

PM Harmon Moody

PM James Tate

PM Wesley Minter

PM Roy Smith

R.W. Harold E. Robinson

PM Willie V. McGhee III

R.W. Darryl C. Bates, Sr.

PM William (Bill) Lewis

R.W. Chalvin Truesdale

PM Gregory Pryor, Sr.

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