The History of King Solomon Lodge No. 7

162 Years of Faith,Hope & Charity

The history of King Solomon Lodge No. 7 stretches as far back as 162 years. Three men by the names of James Cumming, Henry H. Giles, and William Turner, petitioned the Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge for the State of Maryland to open a Lodge. The Grand Lodge at the time agreed and appointed these well beloved brethren, James Cumming, Worshipful Master; Henry H. Giles, Senior Warden, and William Turner, Junior Warden, of a Lodge to be known and distinguished by the name of King Solomon Lodge No. 7, to be held in the city of Baltimore, County of Baltimore, State of Maryland. The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge for the State of Maryland warranted the aforesaid Lodge on the 11th day of February 1857.


At some point throughout the years, the Lodge, like many other Lodges, had suffered low attendance in membership making it difficult for the Lodge to maintain sufficient funds in it’s Treasury. King Solomon Lodge No. 7 closed its doors and turned the Charter into the Grand Lodge to be placed in the Archives.


Years later, after numerous telephone calls, several brothers met in the Willard W. Allen Masonic Temple in Baltimore to access their strength and examine the feasibility of re-establishing King Solomon Lodge No. 7. The meeting proved to be fruitful as it was determined that there was sufficient strength amongst the brothers to hold the several officer stations and places. A second and more formal meeting was held in the temple with the members of the Grand Lodge staff. It was then decided that these brothers would petition the Most Worshipful Grand Master to entrust the Charter of King Solomon Lodge No. 7 with the brothers. 


On the 6th of May 1992, under the authority of the Honorable Samuel T. Daniels, Most Worshipful Grand Master, the brothers were given the Charter of King Solomon Lodge No. 7. The Lodge held it’s first elections under the new establishment with RW Earl Matthews, District Deputy Grand Master, 3rd Masonic District officiating. The following brothers were elected, appointed and installed:

PM George T. Brooks - Worshipful Master

PM William J.L. Crisp - Senior Warden

Bro. Henry L. Clark, Jr. - Junior Warden

PM Jerome Hubbard - Treasurer

PM Hubert "Truck" Turner - Secretary

Bro. Jimmie Plummer - Chaplin

Bro. Marion T. Jacobs - Marshall

PM Willie C. Williams - Senior Deacon

PM Alvern Cooper -Junior Deacon

PM Walter Sherrod - Senior Steward

Bro. James E. Wilson - Junior Steward

PM Moses Lipscomb - Tyler

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