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Roles & Responsibilities

As in every well-regulated Masonic Lodge, King Solomon Lodge No. 7 (KSL7) has an Officer Line.  Here we examine the Officer positions, and the roles and responsibilities of each position in the Line.

There are two types of officers, Elected and Appointed.  The Elected Officers are chosen by the Lodge, the Appointed Officers are chosen by the Brother elected as Worshipful Master.  The elections for KSL7 officer line generally occur during the November Stated Communication.


The Master’s jewel is the Square, a tool used by operative masons to ascertain true and correct angles of the cut and smoothed stone … thus his jewel symbolizes virtue.

The Worshipful Master sits in the East of the Lodge, symbolic of the Rising Sun in the East, and directs all of the Lodge's business. While most Masonic Lodges are built with an East-West orientation, even if the building faces a different direction, the Master is said to be “in the East”. He also presides over rituals and ceremonies.

His position is similar to a President of any other organization. As Master, his word is final over any and all actions pertaining to the Lodge.

It is his duty to "set the Craft to work and give them proper instruction for their labor”.

The Worshipful Master is responsible for every single thing within the Lodge during his year as Master. He is ultimately responsible for every other Lodge officer and their duties, every Lodge committee, ritual and degree work, Masonic education, social functions, fundraisers, District and Grand Lodge Liaison, Trestleboard (Newsletter) Communication, etc.

Bro. Theodore Moton, III

Worshipful Master (WM)


The Senior Warden’s jewel is the Level … symbolizing (and helping to ensure) that all Masons meet on the level, without regard to social, political or religious beliefs or status. He is second in command amongst the Lodge Officers.

In the absence of the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden assumes the Worshipful Master’s duties. The Senior Warden of a Masonic Lodge sits in the West, symbolic of the setting sun, assisting the Worshipful Master in opening and closing the Lodge.

The Senior Warden is in charge of the Lodge when it is “at labor”. His position is similar to a Vice-President of any organization. His ancient duties were to pay the Craft (the members of the guild) their wages and to handle disputes among the workers. It is his duty to support the Master and to prepare himself for that office during the following year.

Bro. Quincy Riley,  Jr.

Senior Warden (JW)


The Junior Warden’s jewel is the Plumb, an operative mason’s instrument used for determining the alignment of a vertical surface. It symbolizes upright behavior among Masons.

The Junior Warden is third in command amongst the Lodge Officers. He sits in the South, symbolic of the position of the sun at mid-day and is responsible for the Brethren while the Lodge is at ease or "refreshment".

His position is similar to a Second Vice-President. The Junior Warden, too, may open the lodge if the Master is unable to attend the meeting. It is his duty to arrange meals for the lodge, aided by the Senior and Junior Stewards.

Symbolically, it is also his duty to make certain that the members do not convert their refreshment into "intemperance or excess". This is a holdover from earlier days, which still remains as part of the Junior Warden’s job description, even though in most North American jurisdictions, alcohol is barred from the Lodge.

Bro. Robert Brodis

Junior Warden (JW)


The Treasurer’s jewel is a pair of Crossed Keys, signifying he is the Collector and Distributor of all Lodge Monies as he holds the keys to the cashbox.

The Treasurer of a Masonic Lodge is essentially the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Lodge. He sits to the right of the Master and behind the Senior Deacon.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions. He receives all money, pays all debts by order of the Worshipful Master with the consent of the Lodge and renders financial reports when requested.

While the Treasurer does not need to be in possession of an accounting degree, past experience with bookkeeping and accounting is a definite asset. Financial bookkeeping transactions may be performed either by hand or by the use of accounting software.

Bro. Robert Fluitt



The Secretary’s jewel is the Crossed Quill Pens. He acts as the Lodge Recorder, functioning similarly to a corporate C.O.O. (Chief Operations Officer).

The Secretary’s Lodge Officer duties require a high degree of Lodge experience, Masonic knowledge, diplomacy and, above all, detailed paperwork skills. The Lodge Secretary is the backbone of any Masonic Lodge and he holds a position of great responsibility. He sits to the left of the Master.

His duties require him to handle all correspondence to the members, minutes of Lodge meetings, petitions of new candidates, maintain a continuous (and accurate) Lodge member roster, and many other administrative duties. He compiles an ongoing list of new candidates, tracking which degrees each candidate has undertaken. From his member list, he sends out the annual dues notices and receives dues payments. He communicates with other Lodges and the Grand Lodge, types letters, retrieves the mail and helps the Master organize his meetings.

The Secretary must be well versed in Grand Lodge By-Laws for his jurisdiction and his own Lodge's By-Laws.

A very experienced member usually resides in this chair … he may be a Past (Worshipful) Master of the Lodge. While it is not a prerequisite, due to the number of hours that this position requires, most (but not all) Lodge Secretaries are retired, therefore enabling them to devote the many hours required which are necessary to this position. Depending on location and Lodge preference, the Lodge Secretary is often the only paid position within the Lodge.

Bro. Cedric Hammond, Sr.


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