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As in every well-regulated Masonic Lodge, King Solomon Lodge No. 7 (KSL7) has an Officer Line.  Here we examine the Officer positions, and the roles and responsibilities of each position in the Line.

There are two types of officers, Elected and Appointed.  The Elected Officers are chosen by the Lodge, the Appointed Officers are chosen by the Brother elected as Worshipful Master.  The elections for KSL7 officer line generally occur during the November Stated Communication.


His jewel is the Square & Compass with the Sun in the middle. The sun signifies that his position is on the lower level, to the right of the Worshipful Master in the East. His primary duty is to act as a messenger for the Worshipful Master.

The Senior Deacon of a Masonic Lodge is an assistant officer of the Lodge. He also welcomes and escorts both visitors and candidates into the Lodge and introduces distinguished visitors. It is his duty to assist the Worshipful Master and carry orders between the Worshipful Master and the Senior Warden. During degree rituals, he guides the new candidate and conducts him around the Lodge.

During the opening and closing ceremonies, the Senior Deacon opens the Volume of The Sacred Law to the correct passage of the degree being worked and closes it after the Lodge is adjourned. He also lights and extinguishes the candles at the altar. In some Lodges, he carries the ballot box around the Lodge when new members are being voted upon.

The Senior Deacon’s position is similar to a Manager. The Senior and Junior Deacons both carry long staffs or rods, because as messengers of the Worshipful Master, the staffs are symbolic of the caduceus (or wand) that the Roman winged god and messenger Mercury carried during his duties. On top of the rods are the jewels of their respective offices.

Bro. Derrick Griffin

Senior Deacon (SD)


The jewel of his office is the Square & Compass with the Moon in the center (rather than a sun, as with the Senior Deacon), which signifies that he is in the West. The Junior Deacon of a Masonic Lodge is an assistant officer of the Lodge. He sits to the lower right of the Senior Warden.

The Junior Deacon’s principle roles are to assist the Senior Warden by carrying messages from the Senior Warden in the West to the Junior Warden in the South and to guard the inner door of the Lodge.

It is also his duty to ensure that the Tyler (also spelled "Tiler") is guarding the door and only allowing visitors to enter after they have been properly vouched for. The Junior Deacon and the Tyler communicate with each other by knocking on the door … the Tyler from the outside, the Junior Deacon from the inside.

The Junior Warden’s position is similar to an Assistant Manager.

Bro. Marcus Frazier

Junior Deacon (JD)

His jewel is also the Cornucopia, an exact duplicate of the Junior Steward’s jewel. The Cornucopias signify a “Horn of Plenty”, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to denote the “fruits of one’s labors” and representing "a job well done".

The Senior Steward of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge. He also understudies the Junior Deacon’s position, filling in for the Junior Deacon when he is absent.

The Junior Deacon’s principle role is to prepare candidates during ritual, escort them to the Lodge room and assist the Senior Deacon. In their entry-Officer positions, both the Senior and Junior Stewards typically handle kitchen duties and act as wait staff for the members.

The Senior Steward’s position is similar to that of a Supervisor.

Bro. Christopher Johnson

Senior Steward (SS)


Like the Senior Steward, the Junior Steward’s jewel is also the Cornucopia, and, like the Senior Steward, he is an appointed officer of the Lodge.

The Junior Steward understudies the Senior Steward’s position, filling in for the Senior Steward in his absence. The Junior Steward’s principle role is to assist the Senior Steward and the Senior Deacon in the preparation of candidates.

Both the Senior and Junior Stewards carry rods, on top of  which are the jewels of their offices. The rods represent England’s Lord High Steward’s rod in the House of Lords.

The Junior Steward position is similar to that of an Assistant Supervisor.

Bro. Jarvis Smith

Junior Steward (JS)

The Chaplain’s jewel of his office is an Opened Book, symbolizing the Volume of Sacred Law. Since Masonry is non-denominational, depending on a member’s individual beliefs, this might be the Christian Bible, Hebrew Torah or Tanach, the Muslim Qur’an, the Hindu Vedas or other Holy Books. He is an appointed officer of the Lodge, sits to the left of the Master and may or may not have any past religious experience.

The Chaplain is the spiritual leader of the Lodge. While he may or may not be a real-world minister, priest, rabbi or Imam, in the Lodge, the Chaplain is responsible for non-denominational prayers at both the opening and closing of meetings, during degree ritual ceremonies and before meals.

Some Lodges in various jurisdictions may also appoint Lodge members as an Organist and a Historian. The Organist, obviously, takes care of music for various Masonic ceremonies within the Lodge.

The Historian maintains a history of the Lodge via writings, photographs and news clippings, and, in our current electronic age, other digital and electronic media.

Bro. Jushua Bell


The Marshal’s jewel is the Crossed Batons. The Marshal, an appointed officer of the Lodge, is the Lodge’s Conductor or Master of Ceremonies.


The Marshal’s duties and principle role is the organization of processions and ensuring the correct precedence and etiquette in formal proceedings.


It is his duty to formally conduct visitors into the Lodge and introduce them to the members when the Lodge is in session.

Bro. Christopher Johnson


The Tyler’s jewel is the Sword, by which he symbolically refuses entrance to anyone who is uninitiated in the Craft. The sword has no scabbard, as it is his symbolic duty to always have his sword drawn, ready for the defense of his post.

As an appointed officer of the Lodge, he is sometimes known as the "Outer Guard", sitting outside the closed door of the Lodge, armed with a sword.

The Tyler’s duties and principle role are to ensure that only those who are duly qualified are allowed to enter the Lodge. He guards against “cowans” and “eavesdroppers”. During the Middle Ages, a cowan was an uninitiated or non-apprenticed operative mason who built stone walls of poor quality.

While the Tyler is sometimes called upon to assist in the preparation of candidates, his chief duty is to (symbolically) keep unskilled workmen from overhearing any conversations within the Lodge that they are not qualified to hear.

RW Hubert "Truck" Turner


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