The Chaplain’s jewel of his office is an Opened Book, symbolizing the Volume of Sacred Law. Since Masonry is non-denominational, depending on a member’s individual beliefs, this might be the Christian Bible, Hebrew Torah or Tanach, the Muslim Qur’an, the Hindu Vedas or other Holy Books. He is an appointed officer of the Lodge, sits to the left of the Master and may or may not have any past religious experience.

The Chaplain is the spiritual leader of the Lodge. While he may or may not be a real-world minister, priest, rabbi or Imam, in the Lodge, the Chaplain is responsible for non-denominational prayers at both the opening and closing of meetings, during degree ritual ceremonies and before meals.

Some Lodges in various jurisdictions may also appoint Lodge members as an Organist and a Historian. The Organist, obviously, takes care of music for various Masonic ceremonies within the Lodge.

The Historian maintains a history of the Lodge via writings, photographs and news clippings, and, in our current electronic age, other digital and electronic media.

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